AVENT 3in1 Electric Steam Steriliser

Keep your baby safe from harmful bacteria with the new Philips AVENT 3-In-1 Steriliser (BPA Free).

This versatile steriliser has three sizes allowing it to be adjusted to suit your needs:

Small: at its most compact, ideal for sterilising accessories such as soothers and teats.
Medium: perfect for breast pumps or toddler feeding such as plates, bowls, spoons etc.
Large: Sterilise a full load (holds up to six 330ml bottles + accessories).
Sterile contents in 6 minutes! Once the cycle is complete the steriliser automatically shuts down, as a safety measure, whilst minimising energy consumption.

Quick & easy to use: Load, Add Water, Close, Run Cycle!

Contents will remain sterile for up to 24 hours if left unopened, ideal for overnight feeds.