Dr Brown

Dr Brown's Natural Flow Starter Kit

Box Contents:

1 -240 ml Wide-Neck Baby Bottle. 2 - 120 ml Wide-Neck Baby Bottles. 3 - Level-One Silicone Teats. 2 - Extra Level-Two Silicone Teats. 2 - Extra Level -Three Silicone Teats. 3-Two-piece Patented Internal Vents. 1 - Cleaning Brush. Instructions.

Country of Origin:

Simply the best baby bottle. Reduces colic, burping & wind. Helps preserve vitamins C, A & E + lipids. Patented internal vent system. BPA free - free of bisphenol-A. Vacuum-free feeding like breastfeeding. 9 out 10 health professionals recommend Dr. Brown's for colicky symptoms.

Product Marketing:
New Research A recent university study set out to measure nutrient levels in baby bottle breastmilk and formula. It was determined that Dr. Brown's™ fully-vented bottles help preserve levels of important nutrients. The Dr. Brown's™ vent system reduces air bubble oxidation of the milk, which is very fragile and susceptible to nutrient loss. Health Tip: Vitamin C, A and E, and lipids, or "good fats", are all naturally occurring in mum's breastmilk and are critical for health and growth in infancy. Patented Internal Vent System 1 Air enters the bottle collar and routes directly through the internal vent system. 2 The air channels through the vent tube, bypassing the milk, to the end of the bottle. 3 The vent prevents aeration of the milk, vacuum pressure, and teat collapse. 4 Baby feeds comfortably while the milk flows freely, like breastfeeding. Vacuum-Free Feeding Like Breastfeeding The fully-vented bottle design provides vacuum-free feeding, which eliminates teat collapse and can help reduce build up of fluid in baby's ear. A practical Kit to start bottle feeding or to try Dr Brown's bottles. The Dr Brown's Natural Flow Baby Bottles features a patented system with an internal vent designed to create a “vacuum free” environment. This patented internal vent system eliminates the vacuum and air bubbles found in most baby bottles. It allows air to enter through the teat collar, without being incorporated into the breast milk or formula. The air is then channelled through the internal vent system, to the area behind the feed. Babies are able to feed more comfortably because the vent allows babies to feed without fighting the negative effects of a vacuum or the discomfort of ingesting air bubbles. This reduces colic, burping and wind. The breast milk or formula flows freely through the teat as the air is channelled to the top of the bottle. This no-vacuum effect eliminates teat collapse. Contains 2 x 4oz/120ml bottles, 1 x 8oz/240ml bottle, 2 x level two teats & 2 x level 3 teats plus a vent cleaning brush.