Fjord Horse Stallion

Fjord horses are strong and compact small horses, which can be seen easily clipped on her mane and the characteristic dark dorsal stripe that runs across the back. Today they are used as horse trekking or as workhorses.

Fjord horse has been around for thousands of years. Already the Vikings used it as a dispute Steeds.

Fjord horses are easily recognizable by their physique and the characteristic dorsal stripe. The Fjord horse is a powerful small horse. With its compact body, strong neck and large, straight head, it is reminiscent of Eastern European or Asian wild horses. In Fjord horses all fawn colors occur. The mane is usually trimmed so that it stands upright and the dorsal stripe runs across the back to the tail. Fjord horses are strong and sure-footed. Therefore, they are still used today as a mountain horse or for plowing in uneven terrain. But even with harness racing, endurance rides or riding tournaments it is used.


Not suitable for children under 3 years. Choking hazard due to small parts.