Gibbons are arboreal Affenaus the rainforests of Southeast Asia. With their long arms they pull themselves from branch to branch. Only very rarely the tailless primates venture down to the forest floor. Your home is the high tops of the trees.

Some gibbons have the roar it a Kehlsack incredibly noisy. Simply ape loud!

Gibbons are arboreal ape of Southeast Asian jungle. With its strikingly long arms and the nearby accreting wrist thumb they have perfected locomotion of "voice Hangelns". This unique in the animal kingdom locomotion the tailless primates can swing incredibly quick and smart from branch to branch. This enormous distances to be overcome. A Gibbonpäärchen Has Once found, the partners remain a lifetime together, while remaining faithful to their area of ​​family associations and to defend it against intruders. Gibbons feed mainly on plant foods, rarely complementary small animals the diet.


Not suitable for children under 3 years. Choking hazard due to small parts.