Mini M-cro Original Scooter


Ideal for ages 3-5
Max weight 20kg /3st 2lb
Swiss designed and engineered

The iconic, award winning Mini Micro is the must have scooter for all pre-schoolers. Designed specifically for 3-5 year olds, the scooter has a lightweight frame allowing children to push and carry it with ease. The intutive lean and steer style of scooting helps develop young children's balance and coordination skills.


      For little adventurers

      The Mini Micro's 3 wheels and sturdy deck provide stability, giving your child the confidence they need to master scooting. Both you and your child will enjoy the new found freedom, fun and independence that the Mini Micro brings to everyday life.

      Lean to steer

      Steering the scooter is intuitive - a child must lean in the direction they want to go. Not only does this style of steering make it easy for a child to learn how to scoot it also helps to develop their balance, co-ordination and motor skills.


      Built to last

      All Micro scooters are precision engineered with incomparable attention to detail. A fundamental aspect of the iconic design is to ensure that key parts of the scooter can be repaired or replaced, no matter how many Micro miles it clocks up. This means you can always substitute worn out parts when needed, ensuring the scooter has a never-ending life and doesn't end up in a landfill.

      Swiss design and engineering

      Exacting Swiss quality and award winning design pervades every single Micro scooter we produce giving you peace of mind. We are fanatical perfectionists, always and only aiming for outstanding inspirational excellence in everything we make and everything we do.

      Easy to handle

      Designed specifically for 2-5 year olds the Mini Micro is lightweight (weighing only 4lbs) and therefore perfectly suited for younger children as it enables them to negotiate pavements, steps and doorways without the help of mum or dad.


      Safety first

      The brake has been ingeniously designed so even the slightest pressure put on it will bring the scooter to a gentle halt. There is no safer set of starter wheels for your child.

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